Category: science fiction


In this beautifully made short film, a father and daughter have survived an unnamed apocalyptic event and live together in a secret location safely hidden away from a nearby city. When the daughter develops an infection and is in need of antibiotics, they are forced to venture out in search of medicine for her.

They discover both what they do and do not want to find, and in the end, the film delivers a powerful message about fear and love.

The acting is genuine and the characters endearing. The setting is beautiful. The story will stick with you.

The next time you have a half hour to spare, click below:



Below is an image that has really been on my mind lately. It’s by Paul Chadeisson, who goes by paooo over on DeviantArt. I couldn’t even tell you why this speaks to me so much more loudly than the hundreds of other images I’ve looked at recently. I can only tell you that it does.

Dontnod - Adrift conceptart 08 by paooo